Sailing very close to the wind


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Wave that hit me

Taken last week when 60mph winds, and high tides, hit the coast. High tide was due at 10.12am, so myself and my camera arrived at the beach about 10am. The sea had already covered the road so I had to go via the dunes. The sea looked beautiful, but violent, with huge waves hitting the prom. I moved closer, I wanted to get the best shots I could. The environment folks were in situ, and one shouted out “Come away from there you silly woman”……, silly? how very dare he. I kept having to jump back to avoid the waves, but then I saw the big one approaching, and it only takes seconds. I had difficulty keeping upright in the howling wind, so just kept my finger on the shutter, then turned my back on the wave, wrapped my arms round the camera to shield it from getting wet. The wave hit me like a brick wall, and it hurt like hell, I was completely enveloped by it. But I got the shot.

Don’t try this at home, it hurts a bit.

The Ermine moth, their larvae, and scratched legs.


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The Buckthorn on the beach and in the dunes, is covered in the Ermine moth larvae, it seems to be a prolific year for them, this is the second time this year they have been active prolifically. This morning, after my usual walk along the waters edge, and in the sea, I ventured across the dunes, and attempted to take a few shots of the cotton wool covered Buckthorn. I had been in the sea up to my knees, taking shots of the waves rolling in, and although I now had my walking boots on, my trousers were still rolled up to my knees, which is not a good idea when walking through Buckthorn. Whilst clicking the camera, a mass of Hornets exploded from within the bushes. I was covered in them, the camera lens was covered, my glasses were covered, and they began to tickle my legs. I moved away to brush myself down, then had another attempt at capturing the cocoons, because the larvae were on the move inside and outside. The Hornets were really driving me bonkers, so I left them to it. Back to sea I went, to bath my scratched legs. Ain’t life wonderful sometimes.


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